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Perfection Procrastination

Perfectly perfect perfection.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Not! What’s sad is about a decade ago that’s what I was working towards.  I honestly believed that if I just waited for the “right” time, for when I had enough money, for the...

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The Reality of Confidence

What do you assume when you look at a woman who you think is confident?  You might think she has it all together, never questions herself, doesn’t worry about what others think, or has perfect relationships.  Because, after all, isn’t...

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5 Clues You’re A Confident Woman

You may view confidence as this far off, elusive trait that seems beyond your grasp, difficult to maintain on a day-to-day basis, or something you’re always trying to build because it’s not quite strong enough.  But you may be surprised...

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If you haven’t already done so, I invite you to sign up for my
FREE 5-Day Confidence Makeover,where you learn 5 Habits of Confident Women (that YOU can do too!)

If you haven’t already done so,
I invite you to sign up for my 
FREE 5-Day Confidence Makeover,
where you learn
5 Habits of Confident Women
(that YOU can do too!)

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… more from the Blog …

5 Ways to Start to Overcome People Pleasing

Many women become people pleasing divas, taking it to a dysfunctional art form continually performing at higher, sometimes extreme, levels.  People pleasing is exhausting and depletes your most valuable personal resources of time and...

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The Voice in Your Head

Your internal dialogue.  You know, that all too familiar voice in your head that you listen and respond to.  For most women, that voice is mostly negative and critical.  It's constantly evaluating and giving you feedback (whether you want...

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Got Self-Confidence?

Last week, I shared one of the most powerful concepts I recently learned.  There are not one but two forms of confidence, self-confidence and confidence.  One intrinsic or developed and felt within. The other extrinsic or developed...

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What I Didn’t Know About Confidence?

Over the years, I would hear people describe me as confident. This baffled me. Sure, I was accomplishing some things, completing some projects, but there was a lot I was procrastinating or giving up on completely. People only saw what was...

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I’m Back!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve been online or communicated with you, and for that I apologize.  For the last eight months, I have been in a season of training, recalibration of my business, getting really clear on who I am serving,...

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