Word of the Year? Not for Me!

It’s become the new year trend for people to pick a word of the year.

I used to do that too, but I decided not to this year.

I found that as I grew and evolved through the year, my word became almost trivial. Gradually losing its relevance and by mid-year was no longer inspiring or motivating.  That’s the idea though, isn’t it? Your word is supposed to help you to either achieve a goal or develop an attribute.  But it may not take a whole year for that to happen.

So, this year I decided to do something different and it’s working beautifully so far.

In both my original and new signature program, I teach my clients to define the future version of themselves.  The woman they intend to become in one year or less.  With my instruction, lessons, journal prompts, and worksheets, they work on every detail of their future-self creating a vision of who they will become.  Then we work on how to live from that future-self vision now, in the present. Including choosing how they think, believe, talk, feel, act, and live.  Words are written out and we work on how to embody them.  It’s a beautiful process.

Of course, I do the exercise myself and repeat as often as necessary.  For 2020, I decided to take the descriptive words of my future self a step further. I listed all of my words (22 of them so far) with the option to add any that may come to mind as the year progresses.  Then I choose one word to focus on each week.  The words may be something that I want to strengthen in me or something that I feel I’ve already achieved but want to master. The goal is to use this to compliment other things I’m doing to challenge myself and elevate to the next higher version of Deborah by the end of the year.

At the start of the week, I set an intention to not only build that emotion or embody that characteristic during the course of the week, but to also seek out evidence and examples of that word in others around me.  In each situation through the week, I ask myself how I can better apply, develop, or express it.

My word for this week is courageous and it has been so motivating to not only focus on developing courage within myself but to have so many examples of courage brought to my attention to teach me more. So far this week, I have come across so many inspiring articles, news stories, and social media posts highlighting the courage of so many.  From a valiant mother sitting in the hospital at her daughter’s bedside day and night as her daughter fights for her life to those standing up for values and rights they choose to defend to the heroic stories shared in honor Holocaust Remembrance Day.  So many and I am in awe of them all.  Their examples fill me with inspiration, reminding me that courageous bravery and resilience are within all of us.

I’m only four weeks into the year and my words of the week have been successful.  I’m also keeping things open and flexible.  So, if I decide to focus on a word longer than one week or repeat one later in the year, I can.  If you’re wondering what my other three words have been, I’m happy to share them.  The words for weeks one through three were awareness, faith, and committed.  Some of my upcoming words are inspired, focused, driven, and decisive.  I’m excited as I look forward to working on them in the weeks to come!

I suggest you give it a try!  Start by writing a list of the words you would use to describe who you want to become by the end of 2020.  Do you want to be healthier?  How about more confident?  Maybe more loving?  Or develop a stronger intuition?  What words would describe you having already achieved or developed it?  How will it feel?  What will you believe?

Then choose one word to focus on each week and set your intentions for the week.  You’ll be amazed at what can happen to you and around you by doing this!  This is about more than just 2020 vision.  It’s about 2020 living!  Remember, the time to change your life is NOW, because extraordinary belongs to those who create it!

Until next time!


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