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Too many women want to believe in equality and that they can achieve anything, but instead dwell in fear, insecurity, and self-doubt.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is #ChooseToChallenge and I want to encourage you to challenge yourself to rise above the flawed expectations, beliefs, and fear that hold you back.

Because when women rise above, we all rise above!

Ready for the challenge?  Here are three ways you can embrace this year’s IWD theme to rise above:

1. CHALLENGE THE NEGATIVE – While not all women lack confidence, at some level, most do. Women have a disempowering tendency to underestimate themselves and their abilities.  It’s become more acceptable to minimize and downplay the positive, and focus on the negative.

It is only by daring to challenge the negative thoughts and behaviors, can you discover a more empowering perspective of yourself and the world.  When you become aware of a negative, counter it with a question of doubt.  Is it true?  Are there facts?  Can something else or the opposite be true?

Instead focus on your strengths, abilities, qualities, achievements, and  accomplishments.  Big and small.  Major and minor.  All of them!  I guarantee there are many!

2.  CHALLENGE THE LIMITING BELIEFS – All women are influenced and conditioned by the family, culture, and environment we’re raised in. We consciously and unconsciously take on the expectations, beliefs, and biases of who and what we were surrounded by.  Some were beneficial and served us, while others were flawed, limiting, and even damaging.

During the course of this week, be aware of any limiting beliefs that surface for you and challenge them.  Write them down, how they’ve affected your life (positive and negative), and journal what comes up for you emotionally.  Then decide if they are worth keeping and what you choose to replace them with that empowers you.

3. CHALLENGE OTHER WOMEN TO RISE ABOVE – A few words of encouragement may seem insignificant, but can make a big difference for another woman, especially at a critical time.

That’s why it’s so important for women to lift one another and offer challenges to rise above.  How they see themselves, how they talk to themselves, and what they believe is possible can all be inspired by words, your words.

In honor of IWD, I challenge you to use your words to uplift, inspire, and encourage other women. Doesn’t matter if it’s an intentional text message or when unexpectedly running into someone.  Take the opportunity and pass on the challenge.

When you see something you admire in another woman, tell her.  Praise her efforts and accomplishments.  Let her know you see her, she has value, and she is worthy.  Words have power.  Use the power of your words for the good and advancement of  women.

Power has no gender and men don’t hold the title to it.  Embracing feminine power, strengths, abilities, and leadership benefits the world.  Because when a woman courageously lives her purpose, she influences others with possibility, illuminates vision for the future, and elevates all humanity.

Never underestimate the power of an extraordinary woman!

And why wait for them when you have it in YOU to become one?  Let’s work together to unlock your purpose!

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