Who Are You Becoming?

Searching for a photo on my cell phone camera took me scrolling through pics from early 2020.

I was stunned by what I saw.  Yes, photos of family, with friends, and of events but what made me pause was seeing photos of me and the woman I once was.

I couldn’t help but look deeply into the eyes of the pre-March version of myself.  She was joyful, full of plans for both her personal life and business.  She had no idea how her world would drastically change just weeks after those photos and how much the year had in store for her.

We all know the events that happened, so I’m not going to go there.  And in our personal and business lives, events led to levels of fear, confusion, anger, grief, disappointment, and other emotions that were personally unique to each of us and our life circumstances.

Bottom line is that we have all been collectively learning three of the most difficult lessons of our human existence so far, how to . . .

live with uncertainty,

deal with ongoing discomfort, and

accept unforeseen and undesired changes.

Three things that were not on any of our list of goals for 2020 but there you go and here we are.

Looking up from my phone, I caught my reflection on my computer screen.  Not the same woman in those photos just seven months ago.  And as I pondered it, I realized some things I would never have imagined.

Back in March when everything went topsy turvy, I knew I wanted to make the most of the new circumstances and be intentional with how I moved forward.  Sounds nice and even impressive, but I assure you, I initially went kicking and screaming through every stage and situation we faced.  But those objectives stayed with me and remained in my mind as my focus.

As a life coach, it was time to not only practice what I preach but take my walking the talk to a level beyond what I thought possible.  Things surfaced from within me in the form of unhealed wounds and deep trauma that had either gone undetected or not fully reconciled.  And as I saw fear on the faces and in the voices of my clients every day, I not only had to coach them through it but myself as well after their sessions.  Fear of getting sick, fear of the economy, fear of not having control, and even fearful of others.

But now, looking at my reflection on my computer screen, I saw a woman who has elevated to a higher and unprecedented version of herself.  I knew I could do hard things, but the last seven months exercised my level of faith, courage, and capability beyond what I would have ever imagined.

  • I turned would-be breakdowns into massive breakthroughs.
  • Something I tell my clients but took more deeply to heart myself was that just because I’m not in control doesn’t mean things are out of control.
  • I courageously faced trauma buried deep within me and healed previously undetected wounds.
  • Harmful myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions about myself, others, life, and the world were surfaced and cleared to never again block me from living my best life.
  • My level of creativity increased, producing more value to offer my clients and expand my business.
  • I’ve learned and mastered my own way of reaching my potential, fulfilling my mission, and living my purpose.
  • I evolved my conscious awareness to live as who I really am and operate in alignment with who I am created to be.
  • And yes, I stopped coloring my hair and grew out my natural silvery white. 😉

There’s a lot of talk lately of things returning “back to normal” or “the new normal.”  Returning to my reflection on the screen, I asked myself if I would want to go back to the way things were, “back to normal.”  My answer, never.  Though I would not want to repeat what I have experienced since March, I would not want to trade who I am and my life now for “back to normal.”  What I’ve gained and accomplished is far too valuable and beautiful.

Click!  In a state of humble joy and gratitude, I take a new photo of myself to add to my cell phone camera roll as a memory of this experience and share it with you on this blog post.

Now as I look forward to whatever the future holds, I know I’m well equipped and capable of handling whatever comes.  Because the new version of me . . .

is faithful and courageous in uncertainty, 

can embrace discomfort with emotional resilience, 

uses change for growth, and

stays in alignment with who I really am, my mission, and my purpose. 

Highly valuable things I would never have gained had I not experienced and used 2020 for my growth and benefit.

And now, I ask myself from this new perspective . . . Who am I becoming?  How am I going to use whatever the remainder of 2020 has in store to my advantage?

Thinking about this offers an interesting mixture of concern and excitement, with an added drop of anxiety.  But I know the brain doesn’t know the difference between those, so I can lean into the excitement energy and use my powerful imagination to create a future version of myself and my life.

And with that I look forward to all the “more” ahead of me . . . more to learn, more growth, more consciousness, more service, more value, more love, more compassion, more to offer my clients, and more evolution.  Isn’t that what this human life experience is about?  More of this ever-evolving journey of self-discovery, potential, and purpose to live our best life!

Now I ask you . . . WHO ARE YOU BECOMING?

How are you going to use the recent and current circumstances to elevate yourself and your life?  And how are you going to use the remainder of 2020 to continue to grow, create the life you want, and become the woman you’re meant to be?  The choice is yours because the future is yours!

Extraordinary belongs to those who create it!

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Until next time!


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